Selfless Teen Waitress Covers Tab For Man Battling Cancer

The teen is "at a loss for words" with all the attention her heartwarming story has received.

The power of the Internet is helping a teen's act of kindness go viral.

After eating at Brother's Pizza in Hamilton, New Jersey on Aug. 27, Rick and Annette Lewallen received their check along with a surprise from their waitress, 17-year-old Daniela Bossi. According to NJ.com, Rick has been fighting brain cancer since April. Bossi, whose little sister is best friends with one of the couple's children, knew about his diagnosis and decided to cover the couple's tab using her tips.

“For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me," Bossi wrote on the check.

Touched by the act of kindness, Annette posted a photo of the check on Facebook praising Bossi for her "excellent" service at the pizzeria and her selfless act. The Notre Dame High School senior told The Huffington Post in a phone interview that she is glad to share the family's story.

"I’m really happy that it’s getting out there because more people are hearing about it and more people are hearing about Rick’s story," she said. "Their family has gone through so much it’s insane, so I’m glad that people are giving it attention."

Since her good deed has gone public, Bossi has been featured in multiple stories online as well as the front page of a local newspaper. The teen told HuffPost she's "at a loss for words" with all the attention her story has received.

"My dad and me are always talking about 'oh how funny it would be to wake up one day and just be famous' and literally that’s what’s happened," she said.

The heartwarming story gets even better, though. Brother's Pizza, where Bossi has worked for two months, reimbursed the teen after she paid the couple's tab. Now that's a perfect reward for a beautiful act of kindness.

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