Self-Love Is Essential for Givers -- Here's Why...

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Love comes in many forms. There is romantic love, parental love, sibling love, and universal love. But what about self-love?

Self-love means to give yourself the space to be in any situation without any justification. Just be who you are and do what makes you happy without any logical reasoning.

Those are some bold words though. Be who you are. Many of us don't like who we are, or think that we still need so much to improve on until we are "perfect."

This is where self-love comes in.

Being hard on yourself, talking negatively to yourself, telling yourself you are not good enough; will never get you to "perfect." Never. Yes, you will have fair results, but the results with embracing self-love are phenomenal!

Many people think that self-love means being selfish. We are raised to give to others. Be loving to others. Yes, this is true of Love but there are other words of wisdom that are rarely shared. So, listen to this closely...

That which you give yourself, is the capacity in which you can give to others.

That which you give to yourself, is the capacity in which you can give to others.

If you want to be present and loving towards another, you must first give it to yourself. This way when you give to another it is unconditional Love. Love without any expectations.

It is just simple love.

And love without expectations doesn't frustrate, isn't weak, and is infinite. Because my friend, you already gave yourself self-love, so you don't seek it from another and this allows you to give freely. This allows you to be a giver at full capacity.

If this doesn't make sense, read it again.

It is a simple concept, but the voices in your head will logically block out the words. So read it again and again and again, until it resonates and you can take a step forward towards self-love.

Self-love feels good. It's guilt free. It's expectation free. It's love in the purest and highest form that you allow to give to yourself and of yourself. When you give it to yourself, you create the capacity to give it to others.

Let that sit with you for sometime.

And then if you feel like doing something just because that is what you love to do... then go do it!

Go practice self-love.

Happy Living!