Iceland's Most Famous Waterfall Is Big Enough To Stand Inside, Which Is Pretty Incredible

This is Seljalandsfoss, arguably Iceland's most famous waterfall. In a boundless green field, the cascade drops a whopping 200 feet from rocks above into a serene little pool below.

The most insane part of Seljalandsfoss, though, is that you can hike through the back of the falls and view them from the inside out.

This means you can stand alone in a glowing cavern while the sunset shines through the waterfall stream.



It also means you can stand inside a waterfall alone at night.


It also means you can see the Northern Lights... FROM INSIDE A WATERFALL.


You can also camp, paraglide, or frolic through the waterfall's lush, lush field. Needless to say we're booking a spring field trip here ASAP.




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