Selling a House: Top 6 Tips That Will Guarantee You Premium Value

Selling a House: Top 6 Tips That Will Guarantee You Premium Value
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Sell your house! I know that is not particularly the kind of advice you want to hear, especially with the current state of the economy all over the world.

But, take it from me, we all would be faced with that decision someday.There are different reasons why people decide to sell their house. And no matter what your own reasons are, I have carefully come up with top 6 tips to help you get the best of that decision.

1.Understand the market
No two markets for the purchase and selling of houses are exactly the same. Never rely solely on the data and statistics from another market. Ask questions. Know what is obtainable in your area.

There are instances where a property in one location may cost more than another. So, in order for you to enjoy the value from your property you need to know how much it goes for in the market.

Market prices change depending on the season as well. This means you need to be extra careful that you put your property up for sale at the right time when you'll receive the highest gain. Knowing this will help you assess if it'll be worth the effort in trying to put your property up on the market.

2.Aim for a reasonable price
This is another reason why you should understand the market in your area. Setting excessive price tags would reduce your chances of rounding off the sales of your property in good time. This is because the price you set could make or break the chances of your property being sold.

To arrive at a reasonable price, you need to first of all find out the exact value of your house. Once you've done that, the next thing to do is to compare that with the current market price of similar properties in the same area. This should give you a fair idea of how much people are willing to pay in for a house like yours.

3.Make the first impression count
I am sure you are familiar with the popular saying, "You never get a second chance to create a first impression". Actually, first impression is the last impression.

Your chances of nailing a sale start from how your house looks like from the outside. A good looking house has the potential to catch the heart of almost every buyer. An attractive house is what will motivate a potential buyer into wanting to have a look at the inside.

The good news is that making your house attractive is as easy as giving your house a fresh coat of paint and tending the lawn or planting some flowers. Those little things can make a great difference to your house.

Don't just stop at the house and the lawn, put the driveway and the porch in order too. Replace your mailbox if you have to.

4.Make the necessary fixes
You know those leaky faucets and squeaking doors that you kept putting off? Now is the time for you to fix them. Since you want to put your house for sale, you need to make sure that everything is working well and are in perfect condition.

Although at first glance it looks like you're spending more money than you are earning, the truth is that it will pay off in the long run. When everything is working fine it gives you the boldness to stand by your price. It also lowers the chances of someone wanting to negotiate for a lower price on the basis that they'd have to do major renovations before the house is habitable.

5.Market your house
Once you've given your house the necessary finishing touches the next thing to do is to put it up for sale. You could employ the services of a listing agent. A listing agent is someone who would represent and be responsible for your best interest when it comes to selling your house. Interview agents, visit websites, carefully select a good agent and negotiate your listing agreement.

You can also get creative with your marketing. Dive into creating a marketing video where you can showcase your house. A video narrative would be an added advantage in today's internet world.

Videos will give potential buyers a chance to have a feel of your house without having to step outside.
Such a video could be put up on YouTube, Instagram, your listing agent's website, your own website/blog (if you have any) or on other social media platforms. This will help you get a larger reach.

6.The kitchen comes first
This is the most important tip. You are actually selling your kitchen not your house. This is one place that deserves total makeover, if possible. The benefits of remodeling your kitchen are endless. This is one part of the house that guarantees pay back of almost all money invested in its upgrade.

I know I said upgrade but not too much. But hey! The kitchen is an exception. At the heart of every house is the kitchen. It is where families congregate, and it is an essential area for those who love to cook. You might have a great exterior, awesome interior but your kitchen could easily put off the interest of any buyer.

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