Kent Lambert, Colorado Senator: Democrats Use 'Mind Control' To Push Same-Sex Marriage

Lawmaker: Dems Use 'Mind Control' To Push Same-Sex Marriage

Ready the aluminum hats.

Democrats have taken part in a "mind control experiment" when it comes to same-sex marriage, according to Colorado Springs state Republican Sen. Kent Lambert.

The senator appeared on ex-Navy chaplain "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt's Internet TV show "Pray In Jesus Name" Tuesday to comment on same-sex marriage and the case of the gay couple alleging discrimination over a Colorado bakery's refusal to do their wedding cake, when Lambert brought up an X-Men-like notion of mind control.

In Colorado we have a Constitutional prohibition against homosexual marriage, however (the civil unions) law turned that Constitutional provision on its head. There are no wavers or provisions for any contrary thought, whether it's religion or just people's expression of their own morality. It completely suppresses basically any ideas. It's a mind control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats, here in Colorado to force everybody, including children in schools, everything else, under penalty of law to believe in homosexual marriage. [sic]

Colorado's Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper signed the civil unions bill into law last March. Though Republicans pushed for religious exemptions for businesses and adoption agencies, Democrats refused, arguing that the protections would provide legal cover for discrimination.

The two also discussed Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old transgender girl who wasn't allowed to use the girls' bathroom at her school near Colorado Springs. The Colorado Division of Civil Rights recently ruled in her favor, saying the school discriminated against the first-grader.

After bringing up Mathis, Klingenschmitt brought up California's passage of AB 1266 that added co-ed bathrooms and other gender identity protections to the state's public schools, and asked whether co-ed bathrooms violated "the Christian parent's right for their child's privacy."

I think it violates every parent's right and every student's right of privacy. Privacy will no longer be in effect in the United States if this agenda continues in the direction that it is right now. This is certainly the "Brave New World," the Aldous Huxley novel that Big Brother is here, is alive and well, and we're going to force you into the kind of agendas that some of the greatest dictators in world history have tried to press in the past. I think this is very intimidating, it's intentionally trying to change Americans' mindset, the mindset of America, that we value privacy, we value individual liberty, individual thought. This is, in my opinion, strictly a totalitarian-type of expression that they're trying to suppress free speech, free ideas in our country. [sic]

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