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Sen. Kevin Parker's Rant On Race Video


Earlier it was reported that State Senator Kevin Parker went off on a race-based rant in the middle of a State Senate Finance Committee hearing. Now the video of the incident has surfaced, and Parker isn't backing down.

While Sen. John DeFrancisco was questioning Power Authority nominee Mark O'Luck, who would be the first African-American to be named to the Power Authority, about comments he had written about race, Parker interrupted his colleague, blasting his line of questioning and accusing him and other senators of being racist.

Parker, who has a history of anger issues including punching a traffic agent in the face, was shouted down by Finance Chair Carl Kruger and nearly thrown out of the room.

As his colleagues questioned his ability to perform his job to the press yesterday, Parker seemed anything but contrite during an appearance on "Inside City Hall."

Parker refused to deny that he believes DeFrancisco is a "white supremacist", as he had written on Facebook, and said he was extremely proud of his behavior on Tuesday.

Watch the video below and tell us if you think Sen. Parker's actions were right or out of order:

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