Sen. Schumer Urges Undercover Investigation Of The TSA

In a letter sent Wednesday to TSA administrator John Pistole, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called for an undercover investigation of the TSA to address the problem of agents stealing from passengers' luggage, The Hill reports.

The senator suggests that the operation be carried out by "undercover agents acting as travelers, and include property with embedded location tracking devices."

In the letter, he also suggests that the TSA "should also engage in random screenings of agents at the end of their shifts to ensure that they are not removing passenger property from the airport."

The most recent case of supposed TSA theft involved an iPad that was tracked to the home of a Florida TSA officer, as ABC News reports. TSA-watcher and journalist Christopher Elliot recently wrote on HuffPost Travel that the problem may be far bigger than ABC suggests.

According to one convicted TSA officer from Newark Airport, theft was "very commonplace" and "very convenient."

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