Senate Stimulus Bill (Full Text)

Senate Stimulus Bill (Full Text)

UPDATE - February 12: The text of the House/Senate conference report of the stimulus package has been posted online. Here are the links:

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UPDATE - February 8: The compromise Senate stimulus bill is now available.

This bill goes on for several hundred pages, but the Senate Appropriations Committee has released a summary of the legislation. Here's the link, and we've embedded the document below.

Now, we're asking for your help to dig through the new compromise stimulus. Can you spot any significant differences between the original Senate bill -- available here -- and the compromise? Can you find any examples of wasteful spending or corporate giveaways that aren't stimulative?

Then again, this is not all about waste. If you identify items that lack enough funding to be effective, please identify those cases as well. The point of the bill, after all, is to inject money into the economy to put people back to work.

Tell us about anything that stands out by emailing, and we'll publish the best finds.

Also, please sign up to become become part of our research team that will continue to look into the stimulus package. We will contact you when we publish your findings and let you know about future projects.

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