Senator Complain: "But They're My Wife's Houses!"

Holy Majoly! Is this an SNL skit?

A McCain spokesman, on the whole issue of John McCain owning seven or eight houses, shoots back to Marc Ambinder, "Obama's charges "attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits.""

Paging Tommy Flanagan! "Yeah... that's the ticket! My WIFE'S houses!"

This, I guess, is better than the response earlier in the day, that John McCain isn't insanely rich with seven or eight homes, because he was a POW.

But not by much.

The real problem is that, once again, Senator McCain has become Senator Complain - whining that it's just not fair to question him. It's an act that wears really, really thin, really, really quickly. Americans who are afraid that they may have a house foreclosed on don't have much sympathy for someone whining that questioning them about their seven or eight homes is just mean. Having your family tossed out on the street by a lender is mean. Answering questions from reporters is pattycakes.