Senator Craig: Guilty of Act? Guilty of Denial? Or Just Plain Guilty?

This isn't about law enforcement or entrapment or even LGBT civil rights. It's about a pathetic, clueless old man who thought he could break the rules, play all sides and never get caught.
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Someone better hire this guy a new political consultant because after he plead guilty to charges stemming from a game of footsies with an undercover officer, he pretty much sealed his own deal.

I mean, what do you expect Senator? I believe at your level of government service, you should know a few of the very basic laws in this country. When the plea was offered, were you coerced? Did you not understand the law? Did you need a translator for the rich, powerful and arrogant to explain this was, in fact, an admission of guilt to cruising the men's room for sex?

Personally, I hate the idea that public bathrooms are used to cruise for sex. I have three boys. I send them into airport bathrooms and stand right outside. More than three minutes pass and I'm in there.

Yes, I have gone in before and I will again.

To think that a Senator of this country was in there for a very long period of time- reports vary but it was way more than three minutes- and that's all it takes my seven year old to take care of business and still have time to play with the automatic dryer.

Enough with the bullshit, Senator. We know why you were there.

The question of entrapment keeps coming up but you know, I think it's missing the point. Not because there are very real issues around the fact that gay sex is targeted even when there is no money being exchanged while heterosexual lovers in cars tend to get the easy pass- slap on the wrist in comparison to a criminal offense. Undercover officers do some of the most important police work in this country so stop wasting their time and put a uniformed officer in there instead.

I promise, no funny business will be going on.

Don't you feel yourself wanting to start to argue that point? But, people, that's not the point here. We've been distracted by a larger societal issue that is VERY worthy of lengthy discussion. We're talking about a man who pleads guilty to an offense he was in complete comprehension of and understood all the ramifications.

This isn't about law enforcement or entrapment or even LGBT civil rights. It's about a pathetic, clueless old man who thought he could break the rules, play all sides and never get caught.

And this is a man, who for his entire political career, has worked in fervor against any LGBT issues on the table. He claimed a higher moral ground while he was cruising for sex in bathrooms because... well, because his fundraising clearly depended on it. It's doubtful that a gay man in Idaho would get elected Senator but I might be wrong about that. Regardless, if he wanted to be in the closet, still stay married, be a Senator, well, I can understand all of that. It's not easy to be out, it means job discrimination, it means physical harassment and sometimes violence, it means not being able to have your loved one be your legal spouse or any of those benefits. It means, often, losing your family and friends. It's not an easy path. I can respect anyone who chooses to live in the closet on one condition:

They don't actively fight for laws in an elected office that allow for discrimination, hate and bigotry. If Senator Craig needs a pick me up every now and then from the men's room, I think that's pathetic, but ... to each his own and understand, you're going to get caught.

More importantly? All that banner waving, hate mongering anti-gay rhetoric is going to kick you in the ass.

We all know what he was doing. So did he.

Due process was served. I think that makes him guilty, guilty and even more guilty.

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