Ron Wyden On FISA Reauthorization: 'There's Going To Be Extraordinary Anger'

Senator On FISA Secrets: 'There's Going To Be Extraordinary Anger'

This week, President Barack Obama renewed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, despite his own misgivings about the law's broad reach. The law allows the government to use warrantless wiretapping to monitor overseas phone calls and emails, and keeps the interpretations of the how the law can be applied secret from the public.

Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.) spoke to HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks on Thursday about his opposition to the application of the law.

"When the public finds out that these secret interpretations are so dramatically different than what the public law says, I think there's going to be extraordinary anger in the country," Wyden told HuffPost Live. "Because it's one thing to have debates about laws... but we assume that the law itself is public."

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