Senators Admit To 'Being Pressured' When Calling On Franken To Resign

Senators Admit to "Being Pressured" When Calling for Franken to Resign
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Out of all the volcanically infantile, cowardly treasonous, vile behavior spewing from the mouth of Mt. Congress these days, this has to be one of the more pathetic stories to surface in some time. Never let it be said the Democrats can’t match their Republican counterparts when it comes to the subject of spinelessness, inch for inch.

According to an article penned by Politico’s Edward-Issac Dovere, numerous Democratic senators have gone on record stating they acted “without having all the facts.” Some even went as far as to say they were “too busy” focusing on other issues to give the matter due process, and simply jumped on the bandwagon as pressure mounted to call on Franken to step down. You gotta be kidding me?

In a climate where dozens of high profile, career-ending accusations are surfacing each day, to be a member of the United States Congress - the one body that’s supposed to evaluate, investigate, and analyze every piece of data they can, the one’s whose job it is to separate the facts from the innuendos - to hear that some of them admitted to haphazardly abusing their positions and happily railroaded a fellow colleague, costing him not only his career, but reputation as well, because they just didn’t have time to ask questions, leaves one speechless.

It also makes one wonder what they do re: other pressing issues if they can’t even be bothered to spend five minutes attempting to review the facts before throwing one of their own under the bus? How many other matters have these gutless individuals rubber stamped in the past months/years because they didn’t bother to vet the issue?

Not for nothing, but didn’t the Dems just spend the past several weeks ranting and raving about how their Republican counterparts tried to push the #taxscambill through without so much as looking at it? How is what they did to Franken any different? How many other Democrats towed the party line and called for Franken’s resignation simply because “everyone else was doing it,” but don’t have the guts to come forth admit it? Odds are, the number is surely higher.

I call for an investigation into the Democrats’ demand on Sen. Franken to resign w/out due process. I bet the Republicans would do a bang-up job on that. No wonder Franken doesn’t want to return. If I was him, I wouldn’t want to come back to this disgusting cesspool, either.

It’s always fun to be reminded that our elected officials make it a habit of behaving like a bunch of first graders, ganging up on their own with a shoot first, ask questions later type of mentality. Will they ever grow a set of balls? EVER???? That goes specifically for you, too, Sen. Gillibrand. You have the guts to stand up to the President when he calls you a slut, but when it comes to protecting one of your own, you’re the first to show the enemy where in the attic they’re hiding.

At least the GOP stands by their own, even if he’s a freaking pedophile. The Democrats can’t even be bothered to defend - just for a fucking minute - a man who’s proven himself time and again to be one of the most level-headed and intelligent members the tar pit that is Washington has seen in decades.

You’re supposed to be the ones to STOP the Witch Hunts. Not PERPETUATE them. If there is even a smidgen of truth to this, shame on the lot of you.

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