Senators Dodd & Menendez to Introduce Bill Banning Torture

Over at Blue Jersey, we've just learned that tomorrow, Senators Chris Dodd and Bob Menendez will introduce legislation banning torture. The bill, titled The Effective Terrorists Prosecution Act Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007, will restore habeus corpus rights, ban torture and uphold the Geneva Conventions.

You may recall that a few months ago, Senator Menendez was one of the Democrats who voted for the Bush administration's Military Commissions Act, which eliminated habeas corpus and legalized torture. But as Blue Jersey's Juan Melli writes, the "vote was taken under immense pressure during the campaign, and he's now doing the responsible thing and cleaning up the mess he helped make."

More on this tomorrow.


To clarify, Chris Dodd is the sponsor of this bill and Menendez is a co-sponsor. I'm told the legislation will actually be called "Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007". More information at