Send Better Emails Using These 7 Data-Backed Tips [Infographic]

One of the most effective forms of online marketing, email marketing, is constantly evolving. As a small business owner you need to stay current with the trends in order to fully maximize the effect of your email campaigns.

Do you know if your email campaigns are performing as well as they could be? Are they optimized to deliver the best results for your business?

To help, my company teamed up with HubSpot to create the infographic below. Using data from the 2014 Science of Email Report we explain how consumers read your email, filter your email, why they unsubscribe from your emails, along with what email clients and devices are the most widely used.

Every small business is marketing to a different audience, so use the data as a base -- you will still need to run tests to fully optimize your own email campaigns. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution that will work the same for every small business, this data is a great starting point.


To view the full-size infographic or to share it on your website, click here.

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