High School Couple Offers To Send P***ies To Donald Trump

For less than $4, Jules and Gabe will send the president-elect a vagina lollipop. "We're on a mission."
President-elect Donald Trump might soon get inundated with yonic treats.
President-elect Donald Trump might soon get inundated with yonic treats.
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As a man who has infamously expressed his fondness for grabbing women by their lady parts without consent, President-elect Donald Trump should be thrilled by the hordes of unsolicited vaginas headed his way.

Though we’re sure he won’t be.

This week, an “LGBT high school couple,” who identify themselves simply as Jules and Gabe, launched Send Trump Pussy, a nonprofit website that allows anyone in the world to send Trump an edible, flesh-colored vulva on a stick for only $3.99.

The website claims that it will anonymously send all lollipop orders directly to Trump’s headquarters in New York. Jules and Gabe told The Huffington Post that they intend to donate half of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood, despite removing any mention of donations from their website.

“We would really love for people to put their money where their mouths (and social media handles) are and actually work towards sending a tangible message to our unfortunate President-elect Trump while also supporting a very important cause,” they wrote in an email to HuffPost.

Those yonic treats will supposedly look like this:

Send Trump Pussy

The couple launched their campaign with one goal in mind: to let the incoming president of the United States know that there are people who are not happy with the result of this year’s election.

“We’re on a mission to show Trump and America that we’re unsatisfied, and our desire for an inclusive un-misogynistic America is unwavering, by sending him pussy-shaped lollipops,” their website reads.

The website criticizes Trump on women’s issues (”He’s a mysogynistic pig”), his stance on immigration (”He’s building a fucking wall”) and his apparent inability to represent all of America (”Trumps rhetoric is xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic. He’s the furthest thing from inclusive, and therefore he doesn’t speak for US!”) as reasons you should support Send Trump Pussy and its vagina pop-making endeavors.


Jules and Gabe told HuffPost that they chose to keep their identities secret in order to keep the attention on their campaign and because they have not told their families about their sexual identities.

Although their domain’s registration, which was created Dec. 18, 2016, is linked to a Danish mailing address and phone number, they maintain that they are students who attend high school in the U.S. The foreign address, they claim, is a result of the domain plan they purchased “in order to further protect our privacy.”

Jules and Gabe said they will wait until more people purchase their lollipops so they can send them in bulk to Trump’s headquarters.

“That way,” they explained by email, “he will really understand how important [the campaign] is and so he and his administration see how many people really believe in women representing their reproductive rights.”

For those who don’t want to send Trump a pussy pop, the website offers a link to Send Dicks to Donald, a similar, but unrelated, campaign created in August that offers to send edible lollipop penises to “the world’s yuuugest douche bag” for $4.99. (Send Dicks to Donald’s domain registration is linked to a mailing address and phone number in Phoenix.)

Whether it’s penis or vulva pops, the mission remains the same.

“We are not proud of this President-elect representing the American people,” Jules and Gabe said. “We are the American people, the LGBTQ community represents the American people, women comprise the American People, and Donald Trump needs to represent us.”

This story has been updated to include comments from the creators of Send Trump Pussy.

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