Send Us Your Favorite Local Food Restaurants

Send Us Your Favorite Local Food Restaurants

Here at HuffPost Green, we happily know that our list of top ten cities for local food is far from exhaustive -- there are so many great restaurants and cool local food scenes across the country. That's why we want YOU to send us your favorite spots for locavore grub. We want to see what's happening with the good food movement nationwide, so send us your photos from the restaurants we should know about. Food photography of your favorite dish is encouraged! We've gotten awesome responses so far, but it's not too late to contribute. Check out what readers have sent in below.
Here's how it works:

Hit the contribute button, leave your description and mark the area of your locavore restaurant by searching for an address in the box on the top right of the map, upload your photo and hit submit. Thank you!

The map so far:

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