Sen-Elect McCaskill: "People Have Gotten Rich Off This War" And I Want To "Put A Stop To That"...

Senator-Elect Claire McCaskill (D-MO) appeared on CBS Face The Nation Sunday morning. Among the many topics covered, McCaskill discussed her position on the Iraq war in the context of her recent appointment to the Senate Armed Services Committee. McCaskill strongly questions the role of money in the war, both in terms of the money the US government is putting into the war, as well as the money contractors and others are making in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Partial transcript:

"But I know as a new member of the Senate, and as a new member of the Armed Services Committee, I want to ask some questions, because this supplemental appropriation of $150 billion the President is going to ask for, clearly we need to have some accountability. People have gotten rich off this war, and I want to make sure we put a stop to that."

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From CBS.