Senior Citizen Flash Mob Performs To 'Last Christmas' In Lawrence, Kansas Target (VIDEO)

WATCH: Senior Citizen Flash Mob Will Capture Your Heart

Some shoppers recently received an unexpected surprise while perusing a Lawrence, Kansas Target store: a senior citizen flash mob.

A group of women decked out in their holiday finest began grooving to Glee's "Last Christmas," as a group of onlookers stopped to watch the heartwarming dance routine, Lawrence's 6 News reports.

A man in a nearby aisle wanders over to join the leading lady in a lip-syncing duet that's not quite on cue, but, let's face it, who really cares? The group dances around the pair, waving their hands and shifting from side to side, as the cheery music continues to play.

The utter joy radiating from each person's face makes this flash mob one to remember.

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