Senior Moments Aren't Just For Seniors: 12 Hilarious Tales Of Forgetfulness

The pipe underneath the sink was leaking so I had placed a bucket to catch all the water. When the bucket was getting full, I emptied it out on the same sink.

Twice in as many weeks, I have driven right past my freeway exit going to work. I'm daydreaming, mind elsewhere and all of a sudden I realize that something is just, well, wrong. It takes me about 10 seconds to figure it out, mutter "oh sugar!" to the empty car and scoot over three lanes to hopefully make the next exit in time.

The last time we had a Monday holiday, on Tuesday I went to the spot where I meet my daughter after school on Mondays. She wasn't there and I panicked. I saw another volleyball mom and asked "Was practice cancelled?" She started to answer but I immediately knew what was wrong. My daughter was an away game, a Tuesday away game. It was Tuesday.

Senior moments aren't just for seniors. Experts say those little mental glitches affect everyone, at all ages, and are more likely to impact people when they are tired or stressed out.

Still, I was plenty glad to find this thread on It starts with a guy who leaves the gym after working out and can't find his bike. He's about ready to call the cops to report the theft when he realizes that he walked to the gym. Bud, I feel your pain. So did other Reddit users -- who quickly filled the thread with hundreds of similar forgetful moments.

Check out the slideshow below for a dozen of the funniest anecdotes -- and then share your own, either in the comments or by sending us an email at

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