Senior Poverty: 4.8 Million Americans Over 60 Are Food Insecure (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Face Of America's Senior Poverty Crisis

A new finding discovered that senior poverty affects more seniors than previously believed: one in seven seniors live in poverty as opposed to the Census Bureau's official measure of one in 10 seniors, which doesn't consider the high cost of health-care spending and other various costs of living across the country.

A side effect of this unsettling statistic is senior hunger: An astounding 4.8 million Americans over 60 -- more than double the number of those in 2001 -- are food insecure, according to a new report by Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity, and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. Shockingly, senior hunger has impacted "younger seniors" (60-69 year olds) more over the years: 65 percent of "food insecure seniors were below the age of 69" in 2011, NFESH reported.

HuffPost Live recently put a face to this epidemic in a conversation about food insecurity. Helen Wolfe of Detroit shared her heartbreaking story of trying to provide for her and her niece with a disability after losing the job she had for 18 years.

"I was in the auto industry in Detroit," Wolfe said. "I thought I had a job forever."

Watch the video above to hear Wolfe explain how she became a part of the millions of seniors living in poverty. To watch the full segment on senior food insecurity, visit HuffPost Live.

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