Ukulele-Playing Retirees Fight Back After Honolulu Police Shut Them Down

Honolulu police officers have kicked a group of musical retirees off Waikiki Beach for making too much of a ruckus -- and the popular seniors are fighting back.

The group -- which goes by the name "On The Beach" -- is comprised of retired "snowbirds" from across Japan, Canada, Germany and the mainland U.S. For the past 20 years, according to local news channel KITV 4, they have gathered in a pavilion at Kuhio Beach Park to play ukelele together and entertain passersby.

Their mellow jam sessions, by most accounts, spread aloha.

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The problem is, the group uses a small amp to help hear themselves play over the street noise. According to KITV, the music is most likely not louder than 80 decibels (the city limit), but police received a complaint and ousted the group from their usual spot because the use of amps in city parks is against a city ordinance.

But On The Beach isn't going down without a fight.

Since being banned from the beach pavilion, the motivated retirees have moved their jam sessions across the street and onto the sidewalks where they are literally dancing in the face of the law:

The group would be fine to return to their pavilion if they simply went unplugged, but for now at least, the rebellious retirees are refusing.

Their supporters argue they deserve an exception to the city's rules since they've become such an attraction in Waikiki.

Writing on KITV's Facebook page, David Campbell said, "Please make an exception for these people. Thousands of people have enjoyed their music, and tens of thousands of pictures have been taken of the group to show their friends from around the world. The city should pay this group to perform because they spread so much aloha."

In the old video below, the group can be seen playing Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line" at the beach pavilion.

Spreading Aloha? Or disturbing the peace? You be the judge.

Hat tip, KITV.



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