AARP's Dating Expert Reveals The Differences Between Older Men And Women Who Date Online

The Biggest Difference Between Older Men And Women Who Date Online

More and more single people over 50 are turning to the Internet to find a later-in-life love connection, but there's a clear gender divide in how they adjust to dating online, according to AARP dating expert Ken Solin.

Older men who look for mates online usually cast a much wider net than women, Solin told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker on Friday.

"Men tend to approach online dating like it's a candy store and they're a kid with a bag of dimes," he said. "They just spin the dial, and you can tell ... by the emails men send. 'You're cute, let's talk' -- how many people did they send that to?"

On the other hand, women make more careful choices and are more likely to study a potential match's profile before reaching out. Women also have a better understanding of how sex plays into a relationship, Solin said.

"It's more difficult for men to understand that the best relationships -- the hottest sexual relationships, passionate relationships -- are also best friendships, and that's critical," he said. "We were raised to think that once you become friends with a woman, sex is over. Actually the opposite is true. Once you becomes friends with a woman you love, sex gets better."

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