Seniors Offer The Most Unexpected Sex Advice To Younger People

Older really is wiser.

Young folks, if you’re looking for the best sex advice, don’t turn to glossy relationship magazines written by people your own age. The best sex advice, it seems, comes from people who’ve been at it for much, much longer.

The Atlantic took to a New York senior center to learn what older people have to say is the key to having an amazing sex life.

While the thought of older people having sex seems to make some younger people squirm, The Atlantic calls folks of a certain age an “untapped goldmine” of wisdom on matters in the bedroom.

But no worries if you ARE squeamish. After talking with a handful of people over 60, we learn that great sex isn’t all about your mind-blowing techniques or skills. It’s about being a good person.

“Be kind,” said 92-year-old Herta. “Communication is the key all the time ― to everything, even intimacy,” said Tonya.

Check out the video above to see how you can be better in bed.

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