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Sensational Summer Accessories!

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Summer is a time to lighten up -- even be a little indulgent. Why not skip spin class for a day to swing in a hammock? Read a page-turner like Before the Fall by Noah Hawley, instead of Karl Ove Knausgaard's latest tome. Go ahead and order a second Margarita -- and a side of guacamole. You only live once!

The same goes for summer accessorizing -- whether during vacation, a weekend chilling at home or a "casual Friday" at the office.

The best part? You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy these simple pleasures. Almost everything we have selected for you costs less than $100 and everything is under $125.

Get touchy-feely with textures, such as a fringed pendant necklace, a big-brimmed straw hat with pom-poms or an intricately beaded clutch.

Break out a wild print on a pair of flip flops or an oblong scarf.

Open your horizons -- and eyes -- with a pair of colorful "sunnies."

Add a dash of tropical flavor with a flamingo-embroidered espadrille, an exotic-patterned beach bag or tiny stud earrings shaped like little slices of limes (just the thing for sipping a Mojito on the deck!).

Remember, these months are short...let us help you enjoy them to the fullest.