Sensitive Skin Savers

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Anyone plagued by a delicate epidermis knows just how treacherous the wrong toiletries can be. Lotions and soaps can be methods of torture for irritated skin. After years of struggling with eczema, sunburn, rashes, and allergies, I've found a number of products I can count on to soothe my sensitive complexion. Some favorites from my arsenal:


Redness Remover: Clinique Redness Regimen
I use this simple 3-step skin care regime regularly to keep from looking like a lobster. The gentle cleanser and cream calm angry skin, and an SPF 15 protective base in a green tint counteracts ruddiness.
$45 at

Facial Moisturizer: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
A lightweight lotion with active ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl to boost moisture and form a protective barrier at the skin's surface. Skin is left hydrated, not oily, ideal for my breakout-prone complexion.
$29.50 at

Concealer: Tarte At Ease Micronized Clay Calming Concealer
Rashy, irritated skin isn't easy on the eyes, but most cosmetics worsen the condition. Tarte's creme and powder duo provides a sheer yellow tint to neutralize redness, while soothing ingredients help heal the skin. I use it as a makeup base on especially troublesome days.
$30 at


Cleanser: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
When complexions are dry and cracking, the temptation is often to skip the soap. But failing to clean means pollutants and irritants stay on the skin. This lotion-like cleanser from CeraVe gently removes debris while adding moisture.
$10.50 at Walgreens

Emergency Care: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules
What I reach for at those times when all other products make my skin sting. These little single dose capsules have soothed and hydrated even painful rashes and broken skin. The product is marketed simply as a daily skin serum, but I've come to consider it part of my first-aid kit.
$68 at

Makeup Remover: Melvita Eye Make-up Remover
A natural, perfume-free makeup remover made especially for the delicate eye area. Flower extracts, olive squalane oil and organic aloe vera gently cleanse and soften.
$18 at


Dry Skin Care: Melvita Fondant Body Balm
A thick emollient creme for intense hydration. I use this on my problem areas, like elbows and feet, for an extra boost of moisture.
$28 at

Body Wash: First Aid Beauty Gentle Body Wash
Free of the perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals found in so many other soaps. What it does contains are antioxidants and gentle moisturizers to strengthen skin. Excellent for daily use.
$14 at Sephora

Body Lotion: Collective Wellbeing Dry Skin Relief Body Butter
A gentle, all-natural lotion made from fair trade nut butter and organic aloe vera to moisturize, and organic chamomile to soothe. Absorbs quickly and keeps my skin soft all day.
$13 at