Al Senussi, Gaddafi Intelligence Chief, Captured: Reports

ZINTAN, Libya — The Libyan information minister says Moammar Gadhafi's intelligence chief has been captured by revolutionary fighters in the south of the country. Mahmoud Shammam says that Abdullah al-Senoussi was captured alive on Sunday by a brigade from a southern region called Fazan. Al-Senoussi's capture comes a day after Gadhafi's son Seif al-Islam was caught trying to flee Libya to Niger. Both men are wanted by the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.

Former Libyan rebel forces are negotiating al-Senoussi's surrender, Reuters reports.

"Abdullah al-Senussi was arrested in Al-Guira region in the south of the country," an NTC official told AFP.

Xinhua News reports that a National Transitional Council source has confirmed this report.

Al Jazeera noted that Abdullah Al-Senussi was captured at his sister's home in southern Libya.

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