'Grenade' Explodes During Sepahan vs. Al-Ahi Soccer Match In Iran (VIDEO)

WATCH: Fiery Explosion Interrupts Soccer In Iran

A frightening, and fiery, scene occurred during an Asian Champions League quarterfinal match between Iranian club Sepahan FC and Al-Ahli SC of Saudi Arabia at Shahr Stadium in Iran on Wednesday. While a teammate was arguing with officials near a corner flag, Sepahan midfielder Adel Kolahkaj picked up something off the ground and casually tossed it off the field.

And then.. BOOM!

In the video above, the object that Kolahkaj tossed can be seen exploding once it hit the ground, startling both the officials and players as the brief burst of flame gave way to a notable puff of smoke.

It's unclear what the object was, but according to the description of the video on YouTube, Kolahkaj picked up a grenade. The description of another video of the incident describes the explosive as a firecracker. Metro UK describes the object as a "bomb."

Either way, the player who picked it up seems remarkably lucky that he got rid of it before it exploded.

After a brief delay, the players and the referees can be seen returning to the field in a video of the incident at Who Ate All The Pies. According to Business Insider, the match was continued. It ended in a 0-0 draw.


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