Sephora's Genius Basket System Is An Introvert's Dream Come True

Customers have a choice between using a red basket if they'd like assistance or a black basket if they'd prefer to shop interruption free.

Makeup is self-expression. And at Sephora, you can express your desire to be left alone.

The cosmetics mega-chain’s color-coded basket system helps distinguish shoppers who would like assistance, a hallmark of the Sephora experience, from shoppers who prefer to peruse the aisles without interruption.

A way to communicate you’d like to shop solo without even having to talk to anyone at all? It’s almost too good to be true.

To quote Twitter user Cami Williams, who tweeted an image of the display: “There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer service experience team who deserves A RAISE RIGHT NOW.”

The display is right on the (contoured) nose for many a Sephora customer. “This is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen,” one person replied. “I wish every store did this,” wrote another.

While Williams did not say in her tweet where photo was taken, Sephora did clarify this is a program for European Union countries, and it does not exist in North American stores (hint, hint, North American stores). It also it turns out the makeup behemoth is not the first store to be praised for this introvert-friendly innovation.

The Daily Dot reported back in 2016 that Innisfree, a beloved Korean beauty megastore that launched in the U.S. back in 2017, also has a color-coded basket system in place.

Sephora: An unlikely ally in the fight against unwanted small talk.

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