16 Things Our Editors Bought In September

This month, we shopped for perfect ramen noodles, a fabric shaver to clean up our winter coats, and a pair of sunglasses that are Southern California resident-approved.
From left to right: Conair fabric shaver, Momofuku noodles, Ray Ban sunglasses, "Carefree Black Girls" by Zeba Blay.

As shopping editors, it takes a fair amount of self-control to not purchase every item that comes across our computer screens. Temptation is everywhere, but years of testing, reviewing and researching products has helped us to cultivate a discerning eye. So when we do take the plunge and make a purchase, you better believe it’s going to be worth the expense. Some of these are items were hemmed and hawed over for months, others were impulse purchases that filled an immediate need.

They run the gamut from Western-style knee-high boots to cleaning supplies, home decor and a highly rated fabric shaver. (You’ll definitely want to snag one too as we gear up for chunky sweater season.) Keep reading to peruse the bounty of goodies our team shelled out cash for this September from retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, Target and more. You may find yourself trying some delicious treats, organizing clutter and or getting excited for fall fashion. There’s a good chance you’ll be adding some of these must-haves to your carts as well.

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Conair fabric shaver
"Since the temperatures are slowly dropping outside, I figured it was time to get my fall and winter wardrobe in order. I started by buying this fabric shaver which I consider an essential to anyone who loves peacoats, blazers, topcoats, scarves or literally anything else made of soft, fuzzy materials. This tiny thing gets rid of fuzz balls on almost everything — I even use it on the seat of my desk chair — and you won't be left with a mess to clean up as all of the lint just gets sucked into the built-in compartment that you can empty." — Kristen Adaway, shopping writer
New York & Co.
New York & Co. faux leather knotted bag
"As a self-proclaimed handbag collector, I always keep my eyes peeled for chic and affordable ones to add to my stash. Recently, I've been trying to add more color to my accessories and this bright orange bag immediately caught my attention. I've only worn it a couple times since I bought it but I've gotten so many compliments on it. It fits everything I need, including my glasses case, inhaler, keys, phone and wallet, with a ton of room to spare. Plus, it looks way more expensive than it is, which is my favorite kind of finesse." — Adaway
Pottery Barn
Minimalist wall mounted candle sconces
"I'm currently obsessed with getting immaculate fall vibes in my apartment and have had my eye on candle taper wall sconces to help me achieve my dreams. These bronze wall mount candle holders from Pottery Barn are a minimalist's dream. They have a slim profile that doesn't feel overly ornate but has a lovely vintage vibe. I picked up a pair of these to hang in the vicinity of my dining room table and they strike the perfect balance between romantic and sleek." — Lourdes Avila Uribe, senior shopping writer
A soft, cozy dog bed
"I've long held out on buying my aging dog a bed because she's always just crashed on the couch or in the bed with me, often downright rejecting dog beds. Up until recently, it seemed like a total waste of cash. But now that she's halfway through her second decade, she has a harder time getting on the couch unaided, and her stiff little limbs can use all the support they can get. The floor is no longer enough! After weeks of research, I landed on the Best Friends by Sheri donut-shaped dog bad. It comes in an array of different colors and sizes and is made with soft fabric that is machine-washable. My dog instantly took to it and now happily naps there all day and night. I only wish it hadn't taken me so long to take the plunge. She's thrilled to have a cozy little spot to sleep and I love that it isn't a garish eyesore." — Uribe
A stain-lifting upholstery and carpet cleaning foam
"I recently witnessed two grown women tussle over the last bottle of this carpet and upholstery cleaner in the aisle of my local Target. I’m not joking. As a pet owner myself, I also know the dire importance of finding a cleaning solution that will be effective enough to eliminate the odor and stain of cat puke from your rugs and furniture, so I had to try this bleach-free formula for myself. First, I love that it has a built-in rinsable brush head that helps to break apart messes. It’s so convenient and prevents me from having to dirty a rag. The foam itself is really creamy and fresh-smelling and even tackled some older stains that my previous carpet cleaner wasn’t able to remove. To avoid over-saturating the specific area, you just dispense a little foam on the brush then scrub away!" — Tessa Flores, shopping writer
Stylish, chunky Ray-Bans that still feel cold weather appropriate
"I had been on the hunt for a solid pair of sunnies that didn’t feel cheap and wouldn’t look too summer-y for the fall and winter months. Most important, I wanted something that would actually protect my sensitive eyes from the sun — a requirement for Southern California’s ultraviolet conditions. I quickly fell for these rounded and chunky sunglasses by Ray-Ban, the iconic brand that has a real knack for fashioning eternally cool styles. (Remember, these are the people that blessed us with the Wayfarer and Clubmaster frames). True to form, these bad girl-esque glasses did in fact look very cool once I got them on my face. I love the way the acetate frames have a slight forward-tilting fit and the two-toned detailing at the top is a distinctive touch. Even better, I feel good knowing that the gradient crystal lenses offer 100% UV protection. I chose the dark tortoiseshell version; however, you can grab them in a total of nine different color variations." — Flores
“Carefree Black Girls: A Celebration of Black Women in Popular Culture” by Zeba Blay
"In bouts of bad depression, it's really hard for me to get outside. The other day, on a 'you need to see the sun' walk, I finally went into Harriett’s Bookshop, a Black women-owned book store in Philly. As a lover of cultural criticism and essays about pop culture, and someone who is actively trying to read and platform authors of color, especially film/music/TV/media critics of color, I picked up a copy of 'Carefree Black Girls,' not knowing that it would also be the most relatable book about depression I have ever read. Zeba Blay is so masterful at crafting essays with strong analysis and personal tie-ins — something that's hard to find in a post-internet personal essay world. She writes about the excellence of Black women, Black joy and love and Black girlhood as well as colorism, mental health, body image, disordered eating and violence against women, in a totally captivating way that you will stay up all night to read. And she used to work at HuffPost! (Which I also learned from this book!) Get a copy at a Black-owned book shop!" — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
Amazon Essentials women's casual crew socks
"I buy socks with the same frequency that one would buy toothpaste or body wash. I'm not sure where they go, but somehow, my socks disappear and every few weeks I need a new set. In my search for the most comfortable and affordable socks, I keep coming back to this pack from Amazon. I'm really sensitive to textures and don't like anything that's itchy, clingy or synthetic. These are super soft and cotton, and feel better on the feet than other cheap bulk socks from big-box stores (I know, I've tried them all). I can wear them with all types of shoes, from boots to clogs to running sneakers when at the gym. I like that they come in nice, adult-looking patterns, but aren't "funny socks," making them extra wearable. I'm a 9-9.5 in shoes and wear the 6-9 size. The 9-12 size were a little big for me." — Wynne
J.Crew oversized chinos
“When I learned that J.Crew would be re-stocking their divisive-but-stylish ‘giant’ chinos, I ran to my computer and preordered them with a laser-like focus. I have been on a really tight budget this fall, but wide-legged trousers are my personal kryptonite, and I was not about to run the risk of missing out on these again — they sold out very quickly after their first launch in July. They are still only available for preorder, but some sizes and colors are already out of stock.” — Emily Ruane, shopping managing editor
Kid-friendly watercolor crayons
“My 2.5-year-old is obsessed with painting, but after a semi-supervised session with tempera paint led to her covering her entire torso with pigment, I went looking for a different type of paint that would enable her to feel Monet-ish without necessitating heavy-duty cleanup every time. I'm pretty happy with these watercolor crayons, which allow her to 'paint' with the help of very little water. (I usually just give her one of the water-dispensing brushes that come with the Melissa & Doug Water Wow books, which I also highly recommend for mess-free creativity.) While I think she's still a little young for these (the suggested age range is 3+), I'd definitely recommend them overall. At the very least, I'm enjoying using them — and trying to encourage her to draw with them instead of smashing the tips into the paper.” — Ruane
Green French flax linen bedding
"A lot of brands claim I'll sweat less in their sheets, but I live in Miami, and I know there's no bedding on earth capable of keeping me completely night-sweat-free down here. Still, I decided to give flax linen a try, and I also decided that my new bedding should match my houseplants. Cue the Great Search For Luxurious But Affordable Green Linen Sheets of 2022! I fell in love with the look of this white, sage and olive bundle at Bed Threads, but hesitated to spend a lot before knowing whether linen bedding would really suit me. So I bought the brand's sage sheets set on sale for Labor Day and paired it with an affordable olive flax linen duvet and pillowcase combo I found on Amazon — and I haven't woken up in a sweat yet. I get especially excited about going to bed now, just because I love the look and feel of my new bedding. It's been everything I wanted it to be, has gotten softer with washing and seems like it'll last a very long time. (And yes, I throw it all in the dryer. Ain't nobody got the time, space or gentle lavender-scented breeze to line-dry linen sheets, even if it is the 'ideal' method.)" — Janie Campbell, senior life editor
Bean and Bean's Downtown Blend
"This is the signature house blend of Bean and Bean, a New York City-based coffee roaster with four cafes. Its founders are a Korean-American mother and daughter duo who are both Q Arabica Graders, a designation that basically means they're sommeliers of coffee. They source their coffee from environmentally responsible farms, with half of it sourced from women-led farms. I'll be honest: I wasn't initially into the tasting notes listed on the bag of this organic fair trade coffee (sweet herbs? IDK), but I absolutely loved the smooth and creamy brew that came out of my espresso machine, and now it's in my rotation of coffee subscriptions so I never run out." — Campbell
Target Western boots
“If you haven't taken the plunge on the Western boot trend yet, now's your chance. I just bought these beautiful cream Universal Thread cowgirl boots from Target and I know they're going to be a staple for fall. You can style them with some sweater dresses, jeans or leggings — the options are endless. (They also come in a range of different colors like tan and black if the white isn't your thing.) They feature a slight heel that miraculously doesn't make me feel like I'm going to fall flat on my face, along with a cushioned sole for comfort.” — Lindsay Holmes, senior wellness editor
Old Navy
Old Navy long-sleeved flannel shirt
"If you call yourself a Taylor Swift fan, then it's highly likely you recognize the pattern on this Old Navy flannel shirt. It's almost an exact replica of the the coat she was wearing on her "evermore" album cover, so now you too can live out your November flush and flannel cure dreams. (And if you get that reference, let's be friends.) This shirt is soft, cozy and perfectly oversized — ideal for those chilly fall days — and you can layer it or wear it on its own. Long story short: add it to your cart." — Holmes
Naturopathica sweet cherry brightening enzyme peel
“My skin is freaking out with the changing of seasons. Lately I've been waking up with dry patches of skin on my cheeks, and no amount of moisturizer will fix it. I just bought a new jar of my favorite powerful (but natural) enzyme peel, which is made with actual cherries (it smells good enough to eat ... it's basically like a magical jar of cherry jam). It's also got lactic acid and alpha hydroxy fruit acids that slough off dead skin cells, so I slapped this mask on in the shower and let it tingle for five minutes, later wiping it off to reveal exactly what I'd wanted — soft, patch-free skin. I'm going to make sure to use it once a week, now that the weather has gotten chillier and dryer.” –– Kristen Aiken, HuffPost head of life
Momofuku spicy soy noodles
"Listen, there is nothing wrong with plain old instant ramen noodles, especially when you're really hungry late at night and need a snack fast. But THESE noodles, manufactured by the Momofuku brand that David Chang made famous, are better. They only take four minutes to cook, and the noodles are broader and chewier than your typical ramen noodles. There's a perfectly seasoned soy packet that you just squeeze on, and you're done — if you want to be. I like to top mine with some extra butter, fresh scallions and whatever else I have lying around. Now that we're entering comfort-food season, I'm buying a few five-packs of these to have handy." — Aiken

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