September: Make It A Month To Remember!

September is quite eventful in New York with Fashion Week, the UN general assembly at the UN and such! I am not exempt from the back-to-school frenzy which I experience through my kids before taking off overseas and get busy myself!

Below are 3 mantras I live by during this month more than ever.


Photo courtesy of Victor Cucart

1) Execute and Excel

Summer allowed you to reflect and rejuvenate. If you haven't been able to reach all your goals for the mid year, September is the time to execute your plan before 2016 ends! No room for procrastination, take a deep breath and dive in head first! See challenges as opportunities: kick off the season with quality and select after-work events outside your industry. Yes, meeting people outside your comfort zone might be more effective than just sticking to your peers to help bring your vision to life. Engage heavily on social media and keep an eye on your industry news. The more vocal, the more chances you have of being heard and creating synergies. Chances are there is someone out there looking for what you have to offer and vice versa, so don't hide! Fall is really your opportunity to rise and bring projects to fruition, this requires renewing energy and allowing new people into your space.


Enjoying a Naaam Yoga moment in LA this summer

2) A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Speaking of energy, did you know September is national Yoga month ? I have been an avid adept of Naam yoga which allows me to boost my vitality, focus and drive. Remove stress and restlessness from the equation by all means. Find your own way(s) to avoid the anxiety of transitioning from a lazy sunny summer to an overwhelming email inbox and sometimes depressing cooler months. Decluttering your head space will increase your creativity and productivity. Celebrate and nurture your body and mind. Have you considered a gym membership or fashion makeover ? I know I have! Make room for mental and physical bliss and challenge yourself to keep your summer glow til December. You have more power over your emotions and body than you think!

3) Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

No matter how long you've been out of it, back-to-school is for everybody. So what's in opening new books ? Everything exciting! You've done your homework and learned lessons the hard way to graduate to the next level. Keep the momentum going and your mind inquisitive.! What was the last skill you acquired and when ? Keep in mind it may have lost relevancy in just a matter of months or years, dare to challenge your knowledge! Do not make budget or time an excuse. Get organized and make time for something fun and new! The internet offers a plethora of free sources to brush off your spanish or take your marketing skills to the next level. Set realistic goals and get in the habit of learning something new everyday by allocating as little as 15-30mn. You'll be amazed at how exploring a new source of interest can enhance your expertise or network! Start fresh and stay disciplined !