September Must-See Gallery Exhibitions in New York

Arthena is sharing three of its top picks for gallery exhibitions you won't want to miss this September. Jan Kossen Art Gallery, Causey Contemporary gallery and Art 3 are just a few of New York's galleries with upcoming exhibitions that are shaping up to be must-sees.

Jan Kossen Art Gallery
Jan Kossen Art Gallery focuses on abstract and conceptual art from emerging artists and they have gallery locations in both New York City and Switzerland. German artist Dieter Balzer will be holding a solo exhibition at Jan Kossen Art Gallery's New York location, from September 10th - October 10th. Influenced by theories of radical constructivism, Balzer creates playful-geometric pieces that's form and use of color successfully disrupts. The bright Bauhaus colors gives his pieces a sense of uniformity and, instead of using expressionist strokes, his work appears to be mathematically engineered.

Causey Contemporary Gallery
Receiving praise from major media outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe, Elise Freda will be showcasing her work at the Causey Contemporary Gallery on September 9th. Freda's work uses encaustic and explores theories and painting techniques from both Eastern and Western culture. Her brushstrokes suggest techniques of calligraphy and the use of encaustic reveals her decisive process in the developments of her pieces.

Brooklyn gallery, Art 3, will be exhibiting the works of Alexis de Chaunac from September 16 - October 25 called "A Dance with Life & Death." Chaunac's work explores cultural ideas of embryology, anthropology, mythology and medicine through the examination of scienticfic instruments and medical literature. With these artifacts, Chaunac explores the different incites of each culture and uses this search, and his own multicultural background, to produce celebratory mix-media drawings.