Serena Curtis, Tipsy Mom, Gets Stuck In Son's High Chair, Rescued By Firefighters (VIDEO)

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue responded to a boozy doozy of a call after a mother of three got stuck in her son's high chair following a girls' night in with a couple bottles of wine.

Serena Curtis apparently "wedged herself" into the seat after getting "merry" at her Oxford home in the United Kingdom, according to the Sun.

Her friend, Jade Dickerson, filmed Curtis as she struggled to get out of the high chair, but eventually a fire crew had to be called in to free the woman from the chair's plastic grasp.

This video captures some of the tipsy hilarity. (The Sun has more details and photos with pretty amazing captions.)

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time someone has been filmed getting stuck in a high chair. But it's not always funny, especially when it happens to kids.

Still, people do seem to get stuck in strange places with some frequency.

In December 2012, a San Francisco man got stuck in a ventilation duct for reasons that were not immediately clear to police, according to KTVU.

Earlier this month, a Portland, Ore., woman fell and became stuck in a narrow opening between two buildings, the Associated Press reported. Firefighters cut a hole through concrete and used an air bag and a soapy lubricant to set her free.

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