Serena Williams Will Be Able To Bring Back The Catsuit In 2019

She'll be allowed to rock the suit at Women’s Tennis Association matches, though it may still be barred from the French Open.

There will be less outrage if Serena Williams decides to wear a catsuit at a tennis tournament in 2019. The Women’s Tennis Association released its rule changes Tuesday, and made sure to add a line addressing acceptable apparel.

Williams at the 2018 French Open.
Williams at the 2018 French Open.

Both compression shorts and leggings are allowed under the rule clarification.

Williams drew the ire of French Tennis Federation president Bernard Giudicelli after wearing a black catsuit during the French Open. Williams explained that she wore the suit to empower mothers. Williams had given birth nine months before the tournament. The French Open announced a stricter dress code for 2019 as a result of Williams’ catsuit.

While Williams may not be able to wear the catsuit at the 2019 French Open, she can wear it anywhere else without the outrage. Turns out, even when Williams isn’t playing, she’s still winning.

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