Serena Williams Beats Lucie Safarova In Three Sets To Win French Open

Serena Williams has done it again, beating Lucie Safarova in three sets on Saturday to win the French Open.

It is Williams' third time taking the crown at Roland Garros and her 20th Grand Slam title.

Delivering her post-match remarks in French, the tennis player then thanked her family and father.

"None of this was possible with out any of you," she said. "My dad, I love you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you guys."

Williams, ranked No. 1, took the first set 6-3, while Safarova battled back in the second, 7-6. But as many times before, particularly in this tournament, Williams' pulled through and took the third set, 6-2.

"I choked. Simple as that. I think you have to admit to it," Williams said of the second set, adding her serve was off, she got nervous and Safarova capitalized. "She took it to me."

The tennis player said this tournament win was "by far, the most dramatic." Williams managed to come out on top in four matches this tournament after dropping the first set.

Following Saturday's final, Safarova spoke about falling short in the third set.

"It just slipped away, so I'm a bit sad," the Czech player said, who will go on to compete in the doubles final on Sunday.

Williams, who following a come-from-behind victory on Thursday, said she had been suffering from the flu since the third round. She said after Saturday's win that she didn't train on Friday and called the struggle "a living nightmare."

"I think I'm going to faint in 20 minutes," Williams said.

Williams is now third in all-time Grand Slam titles, behind Margaret Court, who won 24, and Steffi Graf, who notched 22.

"Twenty is pretty amazing to me, unfortunately, I'm thinking about Wimbledon. I know it's bad, it's bad. But, I'm going to enjoy this moment, I hope," she said.

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