Serena Williams Takes Badass To New Levels In He-Man Costume

So, so fierce.

Serena Williams is known for her intimidating on-court style, but for her next tournament, she might want to consider a He-Man costume.

On Sunday, Williams posted an Instagram of her blonde wig-rocking, fake metal breastplate-wearing, muscularly defined look during her "Williams Invitational" party. In short, she stunted on every He-Man Halloween costume wearer ever by transforming herself into the most convincing He-Man captured on camera. 

And honestly, it's the perfect costume for reasons beyond aesthetics, because Williams has faced insensitive body-shaming comments throughout her career. Tennis fans and media alike have wrongly framed her beautiful, muscular body as a "man's," and it's fitting that she would subtweet her haters (and perhaps gender wage gap critic Novak Djokovic) with a stunning He-Man getup. 

Costume partying aside, here's another photo she shared from the Williams Invitational, because Serena Williams is an amazing woman:

#williamsinvitational photo @teofrank

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