Serena Williams And Duchess Kate Take The Cutest, Most Awkward Snapchat

Tennis royalty meets royal royalty.

What do you do after you make it to your umpteenth finals at Wimbledon? Why, you take a selfie Snapchat video with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, of course!

At least, that’s what you do when you’re tennis royalty Serena Williams.

Kate attended Williams’ match against Elena Vesnina Thursday and appeared to have the best time ever ― that is, until after the match, when she met up with Williams and had even more fun. The moment was captured by one of Williams’ fan Twitter accounts:

”I’m in the in crowd now,” Williams says as she pans over to Kate (who may or may not have thought she was posing for a photo). “I’m with royalty.”

Sigh. Can you say squad goals?

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