Serena Williams Loses In U.S. Open Final Amid Controversy

Williams was given a code violation for coaching, which she argued. That led to two more violations, which cost her a point and then a game.

NEW YORK (AP) – Naomi Osaka won the U.S. Open to become the first Grand Slam champion from Japan, beating Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 after the American was penalized one game for a third code violation.

Williams was given three code violations by chair umpire Carlos Ramos, the third leading to an automatic loss of a game in the second set.

The third violation was given to Williams after she said the umpire had stolen a point from her on an earlier violation.

Williams was given the second violation, this one for smashing her racket, and yelled at the chair umpire who had given her a first warning for coaching.

The second code violation cost Williams a point, meaning Osaka had a 15-0 edge before hitting her first serve in the sixth game of the second set.

Williams had been given a first violation by Carlos Ramos for coaching earlier in the set, telling him that she’d “rather lose” than cheat.

She resumed that argument after the second violation, still angry about the first violation. She unwrapped a new racket and then took the court to argue again some more about coaching.

“You owe me an apology,” she said. “I have never cheated in my life!”

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