Serena Williams Shops At Target For Beauty Products Just Like You And Me

Always on the go, Williams can pop into a Target and pick up hair care that addresses her unique needs.

Target is on track to becoming the ultimate beauty destination, thanks to the discount retailer stocking its shelves with more inclusive makeup, hair, and skin-care products. Shoppers can fill their cart with laundry detergent and paper towels, as well as foundation for darker complexions and curly hair creams without having to make an additional stop at their local beauty supply store. The diversity of products and lower price points are something not even celebrities with big bank accounts like Serena Williams can resist.

“Beauty wise, I go to Target, and they literally have everything,” Williams (a board member of Yahoo Lifestyle’s parent company, Oath) told Yahoo Lifestyle. Anything that says ‘curls,’ ‘manage your curls,’ ‘proud of your curls,’ I’m drawn to it.”

As we’ve seen the tennis and style icon sport loose, wavy extensions and long, braided ponytails, she admits that her hair is “totally natural.” Always on the go, Williams can pop into a Target and pick up hair care that addresses her unique needs.

“I feel like there’s so much out there for natural hair and curly hair and black hair, which I love. I’ve literally tried everything — from Miss Jessie’s to Curls. I have a whole cabinet full of products. I think every black girl does for hair,” she said.

Perusing the aisles of any store can be overwhelming. Although the push for diversity in the beauty space has made the journey “better” for Williams when shopping for beauty products, there are two things that stand out for her: past success and diverse ads.

“If the ads use black women or women like me, then I think, ’OK, I’m going to try this product. But if they have ads with anyone who doesn’t look like me, I usually don’t try it,” she said.

Another staple that makes up Williams’s beauty routine is Chenot eye cream. “I always get a lot of dark circles, but I love their eye cream. It’s amazing!”

The 36-year-old also revealed that “coconut oil changed my life.” Whenever she wears a ton of makeup or wraps a glamorous photo shoot, she reaches for the multipurpose product. Williams said, “I’ll go home, dig my hand in the coconut oil, spread it on my face, and [the makeup] falls off. It also works as a moisturizer for me.”

Instead of washing her hair, she also prefers to do a co-wash with coconut oil and shea butter. “I even make my own, mixing essential oils with a lot of other stuff. I’m a scientist in my bedroom,” Williams said.

The fabulous mom knows she gets “slack” for her brows, but it’s the one grooming treatment she prefers to do herself when traveling. Otherwise, she entrusts only two people: her main makeup artist Natasha Gross and brow guru Anastasia Soare to do the job.

“I use a pencil — I never use powder. And I’m really good doing them,” she said. “I cut them, i’Il do the whole shebang … I just never get to it. I haven’t done them for three weeks. I still have to get to them.”

Well, you get a pass from us, Serena. Besides, you’ve had a lot on your plate lately — from raising your daughter, being a wife and serving at Wimbledon. Eyebrow maintenance can wait.

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