Serenity Gathering Pre-Party in Los Angeles


The microcosmic music festival has become a staple in the Los Angeles underground. While music festivals are welcome to all, they are not necessarily accessible for all. Within the past few years, most festivals have been throwing pre-parties that encompass the general vibe, art and music of these weekend extravaganzas in one night. Those who cannot make their way to the music festivals themselves can find a home at these pre-parties.

The second annual Serenity Festival hosted a pre-party, along with Grateful Generation, in Hollywood that boasted a Technicolor array of live artists, performers, and DJs. Complete with vendors and even mermaids, the crowd was a mixture of club-goers, performers and festival patrons. Gladkill, Pumpkin, Amp Live, Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Whitehorse and Isaiah Martin offered their beats to open ears. With two stages, the bass room and the house room, there was an endless rotation of various BPMs. Removing isolation and adding accessibility creates a fusion of two worlds that normally might not collide.

Serenity Gathering 2015 will be held on March 19th-23rd at the La Jolla Indian Campground about two hours south of Los Angeles and one hour north of San Diego. The La Jolla Indian reservation consists of nearly 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness and wildlife. Temperatures can range between 70°F in the daytime to 40°F at night so it is important to prepare for all types of weather. It is a music festival that is organized around the Pisces new moon. Largely based on radical self expression through art, performance, music and culture, Serenity Gathering is part of a new generation of transformational music festivals that concentrates on growth, mind expansion and improving the world (even if it's just a small part of the world). The Serenity family consists of Kevin Summers, Steven "Morpheus" Shaw, Joe Hurtubise, Chris Ponder, Olivia Gooden and was co-founded by Mimi and Brandon Beebe in honor of the late Lee Beebe. As Mimi's husband and Brandon's father, Lee was a beacon of light and love in their lives and Serenity Gathering is a reflection of that memory.

The lineup consists of big headliners in the underground such as Eoto, Kalya Scintilla, Vokab Kompany, Thriftworks, Vibesquad, Pumpkin, J*Labs, ill-esha, JPOD, Neon Steve and many more. Featuring an assortment of festival accouterments such as yoga, live art, workshops, vendors, and a colorful array of performance artists, Serenity Gathering is yet another amazing place to let your tangled tendrils swing to some sweet, sweet bass music.

To be in a state of serenity one must feel composure, tranquility, stillness, patience and peace of mind. There are few places and few people who can encompass all of these attributes. Serenity is not something that comes naturally, but rather something that is achieved. It can be achieved in a cramped and putrid subway; it can be achieved while stuck in traffic; it can be achieved with loved ones and it can be achieved in solitude. Serenity is for everyone but belongs to no one as it cannot be possessed, only felt. What better word to name a place that shares, evokes and teaches serenity, than a music festival. As the festival community grows, so do our minds. As our minds grow, so does the world. As the world grows, so does the universe. We are thousands of twinkling stars all being connected into beautiful constellations. Expand our galaxy and gather with us. For the mind that seeks serenity, serenity it will find.