Serge The Llama Rages In Bordeaux After Drunken Young Men 'Borrow' Him From Circus

LOOK: This Llama Just Had The Night Of His Life

It's settled: Llamas are the ultimate party animals.

A particularly adventurous llama named Serge proved as much when the animal -- assisted by a group of five intoxicated young men -- fled a circus in Bordeaux early Thursday morning to tour the town.

According to Sud Ouest, Serge roamed the streets with his new friends and even rode the city's tram. Revelers documented the night of debauchery in photos that quickly spread throughout the social media world.

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It all started when the five friends wandered out of a nightclub before dawn Thursday and decided to visit a nearby circus to play with the animals, according to local reports. The group initially tried to coax a zebra out of its enclosure, but the animal reportedly refused. Instead, the young men settled for 8-year-old Serge, who happily followed the group around Bordeaux.

The adventure finally came to an end after the tram conductor noticed there was a llama aboard and asked the passengers to depart the train. The group reportedly left the llama in the care of tram worker's care until it was returned to the circus.

The director of the traveling circus, John Beautour, initially filed a complaint against the five men, prompting French police to detain them Thursday afternoon. Ultimately, however, Beautour withdrew his complaint, as Serge the llama was returned unharmed.

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