Serial Killer Joel Rifkin's Murder House SOLD

Would You Buy A Serial Killer's House?

At least they got a killer deal.

The Long Island house of convicted serial murderer Joel Rifkin was sold to a couple with no children, the New York Post reports.

But this story Realtor Greg Berkowitz of Laffey Fine Homes in New Hyde Park said that the new buyers are well aware of the macabre history of the two-story ranch-style house -- which had last been priced at $350,000 -- but couldn't be happier that their offer was accepted.

"They realize they are getting a good price on the house," he said of the buyers, identified only as a couple with no children. "There was a little consideration because of the situation there, but they're happy with it."

The home was last listed at $350,000, but Berkowitz would not disclose the final selling price.

Several buyers were scared away by the house's murder-tinged past.

Rifkin killed 17 prostitutes in a four year killing spree, many of them killed in the home's basement and in one of its bedrooms. Recently Rifkin spoke to the press to mock the reported serial killer on Long Island who disposed of four bodies on the same beach.

The four-bedroom, two-bath house came on the market last March after Rifkin's mother, Jeanne died.

The home was originally listed with an asking price of $424,500, before being slashed to $350,000.

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