Serial Tickler Is Terrorizing Boston College Students

Serial Tickler Is Terrorizing College Students

Beware of the "Tickler." reports that there is a serial foot tickler on the loose in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The suspect sneaks into college students' homes while they sleep, according to police.


Police report at least 10 sightings of the so-called Tickler, who some in the neighborhood had long believed to be a myth. At least three students report having encountered him on the same night, April 7.

"This is no myth,” Sergeant Michael O’Hara said. “It’s happening.”

The Tickler, as Boston law enforcement has apparently dubbed him, has been terrorizing an area populated mostly by Boston College students who live off campus. He's been around for at least two years and it's unclear how many he's victimized.

"I thought my friend was just trying to annoy me, but I soon realized it wasn’t anyone I knew,” Daniel Marenzi told “I freaked out and sat up but he was already on the way out.”

The Tickler seems to have a similar m.o. to another foot-tickling fetishist who grabbed headlines several years ago.

In 2006, Fox News reported on the "naked toe-tickler" who exposed himself to a number of women in Florida over a half-decade. He too would break into victims' houses and touch women's feet as they slept.

The Associated Press reported that most of the naked tickler's victims were women over the age of 60.

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