Series Dominate YA Market, But They're Not The 'Babysitters Club' Of Yesteryear

Take a look at BookScan's bestselling juvenile titles for the week ending April 25: an astounding 73% were titles from one of several series.

But these are not your Baby-Sitters' Club of yesteryear: "Harry Potter turned the whole paperback series notion on its head," says Megan Tingley, SVP, Publisher, Little Brown Books for Young Readers. "The strategy used to be predicated on the idea that these were the kinds of books people wanted to read once, read quickly and move on. Harry Potter and Twilight created a market for hardcover series with more complex, substantive storylines where readers could live in the world a bit longer. I think people came to want something different out of their reading experience, and it became more about depth than speed."

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