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East Side Roundup
Events on Thursday evening include The Grey Ones by performance trio WIFE at the Downtown Independent at 7pm. MOCA Grand Avenue screens the new documentary The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan at 7pm. At Thank You For Coming in Atwater Village, a closing reception for Special Meal is held from 6-10pm. At Human Resources in Chinatown, Casey Anderson and an ensemble perform in conjunction with Byron Westbrook's Interval/Habitat at 7pm, which closes at the gallery on Friday, August 23. Also in Chinatown on Sunday, August 25 is the panel discussion "Interfaith Falafel Conversation: Religion, Identity and Crossing Borders" at Actual Size Los Angeles from 7-9:30pm. On Saturday, August 24, CULM opens at Night Gallery from 7-10pm in Downtown.

Image by Ryan Foerster, courtesy of Night Gallery