Seriously? Nookular?

I'm not sure which was more bizarre today. Palin saying "nuclear" with the same "nookular" pronunciation as President Bush or FOX News' Steve Doocy suggesting that she has foreign policy credentials.
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I'm not sure which was more bizarre today.

Governor Palin saying "nuclear" with the same "nookular" pronunciation as both President Bush -- and former Vice President Dan Quayle who, if you recall, also used to say "nookular." Or FOX News Channel's Steve Doocy suggesting that, heck yeah, Governor Palin has foreign policy credentials because:

...she is right up there in Alaska right next door to Russia.

By that logic, if she spends enough time standing next to Senator McCain, she'll also attain POW experience.

Meanwhile, some random observations about Senator McCain's new running mate:

-How soon before McCain calls her a "trollop"?

-The unofficial nickname for the campaign: Pale & Palin '08.

-Odd that the backdrop in Dayton said "Country First." I seriously doubt this running mate selection had anything to do with putting the country first. Desperation First, maybe. Or Pandering First.

-And finally, here's another shallow nickname for all of your snark purposes: Quaylin.

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