Serving Curves at Beyonce's Formation Tour with Amex

No matter where I go, I never leave home without 3 things; under eye concealer, lipstick and of course my gold American Express card. When it comes to luxury experiences, no one out does Amex. Their concierge service for tickets and events is unmatched and thats why I quite literally never leave home without it.

When I learned that my favorite artist, Beyonce was teaming up with my favorite card Amex, I was super excited. Amex offered me tickets before anyone else could buy them in an exclusive pre-sale. Plus they are also running this very cool promotion with another one of my favorite brands Uber.

You can actually win tickets to your local formation tour stop and be ushered to the venue for free with Uber. Here is how you sign up for the giveaway.

#1.) Enter the "FORMATIONAMEX" promotional code on your Uber app by going to the sidebar and clicking "Promotions." You can do this part days in advance of the concert, if you want.

#2.) On the day that Beyonce is giving a concert in your city, you and your friend put on your freakem dresses and get ready for the show.

#3.) Turn on your Uber app, which should now be in what Uber calls "Formation view" -- presumably, that means the app will be Beyonce-themed -- and request an Uber to the concert venue at a certain time. (Go to your city's Uber Twitter feed to find out more details.)

If you win, an Uber driver will arrive with two free tickets to Beyonce's concert, and you'll get a free round-trip ride to the concert. According to Uber's terms and conditions, you can only win if:

You're 18 or older.
You and your guest are ready to go when you request Uber. Don't make the driver wait!

And of course Beyonce gives an unforgettable show. Queen Bey slays for over an hour on stage. See my 2 top favorite moments from the concert below.

The Prince Tribute