Serving Eviction Papers

If you were living in a leased or rented property and failed to pay your rent, violated the lease terms, caused extensive damage to the property or engaged in illegal activity, you would risk being evicted.

To evict means to expel (a person) and to recover (property).

This is a common practice and an expected practice in a tenant/renter situation. People who own property typically hold it in high regards and will not just let anybody come in and disrespect or destroy the property. Nor will they allow a person to remain a tenant if they are not holding up their end of the contract.

Maybe we should start looking at our personal lives in the same manner. If we are honest, there are probably several people (or issues of the heart) that we need to evict.

If you are constantly being taken advantage of, abused and misused, you may need to serve some eviction papers.

If you are engaged in an activity that is causing you depression, constant hurt and disappointment, physical and/or emotional damage, spiritual suicide, etc., you may need to serve some eviction papers.

If you have old spirits, dead relationships and soul ties still residing in your heart that is keeping you from moving forward, you may need to serve some eviction papers.

We can no longer withhold the joy of life that God desires for us and remain in a miserable state due to people and things that do not belong in our lives in the first place. It's time to expel some things and recover our lives.

It may not be an actual person that needs to be evicted but simply a state of mind. It could be the residue of past hurt, disappointment of a failed relationship, un-confessed sin, fear of the unknown, self-guilt, depression, anxiety, a sinful nature, regrets, etc.

Whatever it is that keeps you in a stagnant position, it's time to let it go.

You can continue to let it reside and control you and just complain about it or suffer the consequences of it. Or you can choose to take charge and serve eviction papers (expel and recover). There is no reason as a Christian to be held in bondage by things and people instead it's imperative that we take full advantage of our Freedom in Christ.

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage." --Galatians 5:1