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'Sesame Street' Will Introduce New Latino Character


“Sesame Street” has been on a hunt for a new Latino act to add to their cast. They held an open casting call in New York City to find their new member and they’ve found the lucky talent! The new Hispanic character will be announced nationally on May 10th.

“Sesame Street” first came out in 1969 and, over the years, has added different versions in countries like Germany, Israel and Mexico, where “Plaza Sésamo” is produced. The show and its evolution has gone along with the way the world and its people has changed. Latinos Sonia Manzano and Emilio Delgado, who play the role of Maria and Luis, started working on “Sesame Street” back in 1971. There is also the character of Rosita, which debuted in 1993. She is the first bilingual Muppet and will go back and forth in Spanish and English mid-sentence. Rosita, who can be recognized by her turquoise coat, is from Mexico and often plays the guitar and teaches her fellow friends Spanish words they are not aware of.

Lately, the focus on Hispanics has been a huge deal. It’s been thrust by the increase in the U.S. Latino population, which is 50 million strong. Maybe that’s the reason for the new Hispanic addition?

‘Sesame Street’ casting call

“Sesame Street” recently released part one of the casting calls held back in August in New York City. The producers decided to add another Hispanic character to the “Sesame Street” gang. They have a long tradition of representing a diverse group of characters. People came from all over, standing in line overnight, to attend this casting and for a chance at joining the crew. “We know that the Hispanic population in the U.S. is growing and “Sesame Street” has always modeled that diversity, since the beginning,” said Carol- Lynn Parente, executive producer of “Sesame Street.”

We will update you on who will be the new Hispanic addition to the well-rounded “Sesame Street” cast being announced May 10th!

Sesame Street looks for new Latino talent

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