Sesame Street's 'Change The World': New Inspirational Muppet Video (WATCH)

Sesame Street Rocks To Change The World

They've been inspiring kids for over four decades, so it should be no surprise that Sesame Street's latest song is a fun little groove called "Change The World."

Starring the always happy Muppet who first announced her love for her hair -- in the appropriately titled "I Love My Hair" -- back in 2010, the song encourages young ones to follow their greatest dreams, whether that means being a doctor, an astronaut or even the President of the United States.

The song is written by Joey Mazzarino, the show's head writer. He penned last year's "Hair" song for his then-five year old daughter Segi, whom he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia when she was one. The character is clearly inspired by the little girl, and it's touching to see a father give his daughter such a great pep talk in such a creative and public way.

"Sesame Street" just started an anti-bullying campaign, too, working to encourage kids from a young age to be accepting of everyone.


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