'Aaron's Last Wish': Man Gives Servers $500 Tips To Honor His Late Brother (VIDEOS)

WATCH: What Happens When You Tip A Server $500?

Last year, Seth Collins set out to give $500 tips to waiters and waitresses in all 50 states. So far, he's given out 54 tips. He hopes to reach 100.

Collins, from Lexington, Ky., made the goal to honor his late brother, Aaron Collins, who in his will instructed the family to leave "an awesome tip."

"And I don't meant [a 25% tip]," he specified. "I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza for a waiter or waitress."

The 29-year-old passed away just three weeks shy of his 30th birthday, but his wish endures.

After the video of Seth Collins giving out the $500 tip went viral, the Collins family set out to keep the tradition going.

They solicited donations in Aaron's honor, and in just one month, they raised more than $30,000. Today, that number has risen to nearly $60,000, according to WHAS11.

Each surprising tip has also helped the Collins family cope with their loss.

"Most people, when they lose a loved one, their family grieves with them, their friends grieve with them, and we've had the whole world to grieve with us," Tina Collins, Aaron and Seth's mother, told LEX 18. "So, that's pretty special."

"Aaron's Last Wish" Facebook page has documented Seth Collins' wish-fulfilling efforts, but we thought an instant mood-booster would be a slideshow of some best reactions from the servers he's shocked so far along the way. Take a look:

Aaron's Last Wish

For all 54 tip videos, go to Seth Collins' YouTube page.

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